New Construction: General Contractor Responsibilities

Eric Babin, President, Babin Custom Builders

Gone are the days when building constructions were conducted in an unprofessional and uncoordinated manner. Currently, many constructions are supervised by a professional general contractor who is responsible for overseeing the construction project. But have you ever wondered what responsibilities are bestowed on this person?

When it comes to the construction of residential or business premises, then a general contractor has many responsibilities under his belt. His work entails thorough review of the construction project to ensure a successful destin new building construction. The overall responsibility of a general contractor entails many things to ensure a timely and successful completion of the building project.

In addition to that, a general contractor is also responsible for hiring and supervising workers, and to some extent firing them at his own discretion. On the same breath, he or she is also responsible for payroll issues, and ensuring that workers are paid in a timely manner.

It is the sole responsibility of a general contractor to source for the materials that will be used in the construction project. He must use his knowledge and expertise to assess the total amount of materials needed to ensure successful completion of the project to high standards. He must therefore form reliable correspondences with material suppliers to ensure on-time delivery of the same.

Any building construction can not proceed without proper licenses and permits from relevant government authorities. In that regard, it is the sole responsibility of the general contractor to acquire all the necessary documents to get a greenlight to continue with the construction project. There are strict legislations governing permits and licences which the contractor must adhere to to facilitate the completion of the project in a law-abiding manner.

Given the fact that any construction project must work within a specific budget, it is the prerogative responsibility of a general contractor to draw up a budget and stick to it as closely as possible. It is only then that he will be able to hire workers, buy raw materials and finish the whole project in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Following the budget is instrumental in ensuring that the construction project is completed as was envisioned from the start.

As the construction progresses, the general contractor is also responsible for reviewing the progress being made and implementing necessary changes to ensure proper and successful completion of the project. He or she needs to stick by most of the time and closely monitor the project and make changes where he or she deems fit.

Building codes and laws in certain areas dictate when, how and where a building can be constructed. In that respect, it is the sole responsibility of a general contractor to ensure that proper researching regarding the constructions in specific areas is done. This will enable a smooth completion of the project without rubbing shoulder the wrong way with the concerned parties. It can also prevent any future demolitions which can result into massive losses.

Last but not least, a general contractor is responsible for all emergencies which may arise as the construction process goes on. In the event of an emergency, then it is to him or her that most parties look up to for directions and necessary steps.

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