What Are The Advantages of Constructing a Steel Building?

Eric Babin, President, Babin Custom Builders

Use of steel as an alternative building material has registered phenomenal growth if the current figures of steel buildings are anything to go by. Although steel has traditionally been used in the industrial and residential sector, it is gracing the skylines of major cities all over the world at an alarming rate. But what is so unique about constructing steel buildings and what are the advantages associated with it?

As opposed to traditional wood buildings, steel has many benefits. To begin with, it takes less time to construct a steel building as compared to using other building materials. With the assumption that the kit does not require a lot of customization, the design phase of the project is significantly reduced with the use of steel as the raw material. This is of immense benefits to Walton County new building construction.

One of the best advantages of constructing a steel house is reduced construction costs. Generally speaking, fabricated steel buildings are less expensive to erect as compared to custom-designed houses. This makes steel buildings cost efficient, hence the increasing demand.

Steel is traditionally known for its unmatched strength. Choosing steel for construction as opposed to brick and concrete offers formidable strength and durability to the building. Alongside durability, steel is also highly resistant to adverse weather conditions like cold or heat as well as other unpredictable weather conditions. This makes steel buildings more comfortable as compared to wood or concrete and mortar buildings.

Constructing building using steel is also labor efficient. As a matter of fact, one can use pre-fabricated steel structures that can easily be assembled on site by a team of three to four professionals. This drastically reduces labour costs by a significant margin as compared to what the costs would have been when building using traditional raw materials.

Constructing steel buildings comes with less wastage if any. This is because any unused steel can be taken back to the factory and melted for future use. This is in sharp contrast to wood where there is significant wastage of raw materials. The remaining wood can not even be reused or recycled. Steel ensures efficient material utilization.

Easy adaptation is another outstanding benefit. During the construction process the contractor can easily and quickly effect major changes as far as design and installations are concerned. This can readily and easily be achieved without changing the initial budget.

Steel requires little or no maintenance at all. Steel surfaces can easily be cleaned with water and soap. In the same breath, steel buildings do not require new coat of paint every few years. Steel construction is considered to be environmentally healthy. By constructing a steel building, you are actually making an environmentally-friendly decision.

Given the dynamic designs used in constructing steel buildings, they can easily be modified before, during and after the construction process. This gives you the flexibility of increasing the size of your building at the same rate as your structural requirements. This eventually eliminates the need for constructing a new building from scratch to accommodate your needs.

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