Energy Efficiency Planning Critical For Your New Building

Eric Babin, President, Babin Custom Builders

Are you looking for Okaloosa county commercial builders? More and more people are increasingly concerned about the rising cost of energy. According to studies, Okaloosa County has been promoting a greener community since 1989 with millions of pounds of recycled plastic, newspapers, and metal cans.

If you are planning to custom built your home or office building, then consider hiring a commercial builder who knows how to make your construction project more energy efficient. An energy efficient building allows you to enjoy lower operating costs. This will translate into more affordable constructions price while creating better and greener community.

Choosing a greener construction approach will help you save money from construction cost at the same time help our planet. Your builder can give you good ideas on how to make your building more energy efficient. Choose builders who have enough knowledge and experience when it comes to energy efficient solutions.

There are some important considerations you need to make in order to enjoy a greener and more energy efficient home or commercial building. These may include the use of proper insulation, energy efficient appliances, lighting and bathroom fixtures, as well as the use of solar panels.
Installing proper insulation will help you save money from energy bills. Ask your builder to provide proper insulation procedures which will help minimize heat loss during winter. It is also good construction practice to completely seal any gaps and leaks around windows and doors. Also consider using windows which minimize heat loss. Your builder can suggest the right materials to use in order to address this concern.

Another energy saving solution is the use of energy efficient light fixtures. This has become mandatory in a lot of countries all over the word especially when building or renovating homes or offices. You can also consider the use of plantation shutters in order to provide natural light to fill your homes during the day while allowing fresh air to come in freely. The shutters can be closed at night in order to help insulate your home or when the temperature drops down.

The addition of solar panels to your commercial building is also a perfect solution for a more energy efficient construction project. The sun offers free energy source. Initially, this solution may sound expensive but will offer you bigger saving in the long run. Solar panels will allow you to run your heating ventilating and air conditioning system more economically, heat your water or even generate your own electricity. The use of new appliances which are energy star compliant is also a good way save energy and money. New appliance units are more energy efficient than older models. These might be more expensive than non-energy star compliant units. However, you will enjoy better energy savings which equates to lesser energy bills.

Finally, before you choose the right Okaloosa county commercial builders for your construction project, try to ask if they build to Energy Star standards. An energy conscious builder generally works with energy efficiency in mind. Buildings which follow the Energy Star standards enjoy a lot of advantages. These include the use of proper insulation which is appropriate to the area’s climate, the use of energy efficient lighting fixtures and fittings, and the inclusion of efficient window systems among others.

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