A Destin Home Builder with Personality

Eric Babin, Award Winning Builder

Destin home builders are specialists custom home builders with integrity and character. A custom home builder builds custom homes to the specific design given or instructed by the home owners. So, a custom home is a home designed and constructed specifically for a homeowner on a specified plot of land. There are many homes that are advertised as custom homes that are not.

A true custom home has it starting point in the mind of the homeowner with a rough design done on a piece of paper or simply etched on the mind of the homeowner. One of the experienced Destin home builders may now be involved who may then pick the rough design and polish it professionally or an architect is called in to turn the rough design into a plan that will be an attraction in the neighbourhood even if it is a small home – size does not differentiate traditional homes from custom homes but the design and professional touch in construction to specification does.

Semi-custom and Spec homes: Some homes otherwise called custom homes could be semi-custom homes or they are Spec homes. A semi-custom home is a home redesigned from an existing home with modifications which could be very extensive. A semi-custom home may cost less to build since the existing building already has a plan so that the redesigned work is bound to be less. If any of the experienced Destin home builders is contracted to do the job, the chances are that cost effective materials would be selected by the builder.

A Spec home is a Destin new building construction built by a builder with a speculation that the home will sell at a profit. Such a home could be built without the delay and changes – from the homeowner-associated with the real custom built homes. The builder of this type of homes must have built it using materials common to new homes in the area so that prospective buyers can actually see features and materials available in the market within the area and hence decide to buy.

Seek a professional builder for your custom home: When you have decided to build your custom home, you have the option of building it yourself or you contract it out to one of the experienced Destin home builders who would likely build it at a lesser costs than you could yourself. The reason for this may not be farfetched since the builder is a professional who has been building homes for years and hence has relationships with suppliers and trade contractors with whom he may ask for a reduction in prices which most probably will be granted.

A professional builder should understand the building processes better and also know and able to assess the quality of work done by trade contractors. So, the chances that a professional builder will be able to monitor all trade contractors to do their jobs according to the building design and plan is higher than if you were to do all that yourself. So, hiring one of the experienced Destin home builders for your Destin new home construction should be preferred once you are fully set to build a custom home in Destin.

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