Destin Home Builders – Energy Efficient Window Lesson

Eric Babin, Award Winning Builder

Windows are very important because they are the thermal gateways into your home.  Statistics have shown that an average home will lose 30% or about a quarter of its heat or air-conditioning through its windows if such windows are not the right type that guarantees energy efficiency of your home.

So, if you are looking for ways to save money and energy in your home, Destin home builders assures that getting the right energy efficient replacement windows will serve that purpose for you. In this lesson, I’m going to review the reasons for window replacements and also discuss important terms like air leakage, radiant heat transfer, single pane windows, double-pane insulated glass windows, and triple-pane insulated glass windows.

It is certain that after this review, you either feel assured that you do not need any window replacements or you will immediately consider window replacements as the way to go.

Major reasons for window replacements: Professional Destin custom home builders notes that there are notable signs commonly associated with aging windows. Such signs include feelings of drafts in the winter or evidence of rot in the windows due to old age. Even with these signs, there is still the need to know whether you should simply fix the faults in the windows or make outright replacements. Energy audit needs to be done to ascertain the areas that require improvements so that your home can be energy efficient and save you some dollars on utilities.

Since windows are known to constitute about a quarter of the quantity of heat loss from a home, the decision to buy new windows may be the right step to save money and energy because new energy efficient windows comes with the added new technology on home energy efficiency.

Meaning and effects of radiant heat transfer: The process of transfer of heat from a body of higher heat content to a body of lower heat content is referred to as radiant heat transfer. A warmer body has higher heat content while a cooler body has lower heat content. In relating this idea to the windows in your home, Destin home builders explains that clear glass absorbs the heat in your home and transfers  it outdoors by radiation process. The radiant heat transfer of the windows can be minimized by coating the glass with wavelengths-specific reflection materials. The low emission coatings are usually produced as metallic oxide layer which are practically invisible to human eye. The low emission coating helps to maintain radiant heat balance between your home and the outsides both in the winter and in the summer by transferring the heat outdoors in the summer while keeping it within the home in the winter.

Effects of air leakage and how to fix the fault: To prevent air leakage from your home, the use of weather-stripping and high-powered closing devices are recommended though the quality of the window is very important.

Differences between single-pane and double-pane insulated glass windows and effects on home energy efficiency:  Single-pane windows lack the ability to prevent the flow of the needed energy out of the home and are therefore inefficient for your home use. The double and the triple pane insulated glass windows have good radiant heat ratings which will save you money and energy. However, triple pane windows are better energy efficient windows than the double pane windows and Destin custom home builders highly recommend their use in your home.

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