Home Builders Use Energy Efficient Heating Systems

Eric Babin, Award Winning Builder

In today’s prevailing economy, every effort you make to save some bucks by lowering your home heating bills is commendable. It is obvious that heating your home is borne out of a necessity and the costs is a bill that always recur  and will never cease but can be reduced to the barest minimum possible which experts Destin home builders considers as just the only logical solution in the circumstance. Your efforts at saving some dollars on your home heating bills starts with choosing the most efficient home heating system that best fit your needs and  deploying energy efficient home appliances to securing tax credits and undertaking preseason checkups.

In general, Destin custom home builders counsel that every little attempts at ensuring efficiency in home heating and cooling system counts. Besides, everyone is feeling the effects of rising home energy costs irrespective of the heating and cooling system you have as an existing home owner. Typically, statistics on home energy heating system reveals that 45% of your utility bill goes for heating and cooling which is alarming. Also, statistics shows that more than half of homeowners in the United States are using natural gas to heat their homes and natural gas is known to be less energy efficient. Here are some facts on home energy heating system that might interest you.

Home heating system that runs on electricity are the most efficient yet expensive: The electric home heating system offers you the most efficient heating mode. Destin custom home builders can confirm that hundred percent of the applied electricity goes into heating your home in this system so that less energy is lost. However, the electric home heating system can be very expensive to run though the costs of installations can be minimal compared to gas or propane heating system.

Home heating system that runs on natural gas may be good but it is less energy efficient: The main advantage of the home heating system that uses natural gas is the absence of any odor. This advantage holds also if the system runs on oil but compared to the oil system, natural gas offers less energy efficiency in heating the home and it has even become more expensive to operate nowadays. The oil run heating system could be a better option but it is more volatile to use due to the unstable prices of oil. However, Destin home builders notes that newer technical know-how has made the oil run systems better energy efficient for homes.

Wood and solar power as means of heating the home: Wood is an option that is good for heating the home provided you live near the wood though there is concern about the effects of burning the wood on the environment. Solar power is an option that is both eco-friendly and efficient in heating homes.

Geothermal home heating and cooling systems are major breakthroughs in home energy efficient heating and cooling applications: The geothermal heat pump system is highly eco-friendly and it is also the most efficient in heating and cooling homes. It is an underground heating system that uses either electricity or water to run. This heating system has attracted federal agencies to offer a one-time tax credit of $300 in the United States and $3500 in Canada on its installation in your home. Destin custom home builders can confirm to you the great benefits of this heating system particularly if you are thinking of building a new home now.

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