Best Sidings For Your Custom Built Home

Eric Babin, President, Babin Custom Builders

Eric Babin, President, Babin Custom Builders

Siding can be a cost effective and beautifying element of any home. At Destin Custom Builders we provide many types of siding and there are also many options of siding materials that you can choose from.

Types Of Siding And Their Advantages And Disadvantages

Wood Siding

Wood siding is attractive and natural, it comes in a wide variety of forms but nearly all of them require some form maintenance. Wood can be stained and painted and some wood types such as cedar can be left untreated.

Advantages of wood siding

You can later decide to change the color of your siding by simply staining or painting it.

There are many styles of wood siding for you to choose from, these include shingles, clapboard, shakes and vertical boards.

It’s eco-friendly.

Disadvantages of wood siding

It’s flammable unless treated with a flame-retardant.

Some of the wood sidings have to be treated to protect them from rot and insects.  Engineered Wood Siding

Engineered wood siding is manufactured from wood materials that have been combined with glue to form panels and boards (similar to how oriented strand board and plywood are manufactured). It’s main advantage is that it provides strength and dimensional stability but to maintain its integrity you will have to protect it from moisture.

Advantages of engineered wood siding

It’s relatively cheap.

It’s eco-friendly – It’s made from recycled wood.

It’ dimensionally stable.

Disadvantages of engineered wood siding

You will to paint it or seal it so that you prevent it from being damaged by moisture.

Vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is made from PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) which is a relatively inexpensive material. However there are many types of vinyl siding that have different levels of grades and quality, the higher grade vinyl siding is highly priced. Vinyl is not limited to the normal clapboard look either. There are a wide variety of looks for you to choose from, these include, shingles, shakes and stone veneers.

Advantages of vinyl siding

It’s a relatively durable product (but it can melt and crack).

It’s relatively inexpensive, but this depends on the grade of vinyl that you will choose.

Require little maintenance – no painting is required.

It’s offered in a wide color spectrum.

Some of the vinyl siding mimic wood but unlike wood siding its not susceptible to rot and damage by insects.

Vinyl siding has a greater ability of bending and twisting compared to the metal siding which can dent when twisted or bent.

Disadvantages of vinyl siding

It’s susceptible to fading in sunlight.

Unlike some of the other types of siding, you cannot change the color of your vinyl siding by simply painting it.

Fiber cement siding

Fiber cement is made from wood fiber, sand, portland cement and other additives. It is a stable and durable product that can be painted. It’s available in various forms such as shingles, boards and panels and it is also made to mimic natural wood siding. It’s available in pre-painted and pre-primed versions.

Advantages of fiber cement siding

It’s fireproof.

A durable product that is impact resistant, does not rot and is impervious to moisture and insects.

It is dimensionally stable.

It is available in both pre-primed and pre-painted versions.

Disadvantages of fiber cement siding

It’s more expensive than the typical vinyl siding.

It’s a heavy product.

Metal siding

Metal siding is usually made from aluminum and steel. Both steel and aluminum siding are available in seamless styles. Steel is stronger and harder than aluminum but it’s susceptible to rust when scratched and cannot be used in corrosive environments.

Advantages of metal siding

It’s durable.

It’s fireproof.

It can offer a seamless look.

It requires little maintenance.

Disadvantages of metal siding

i. It can dent if its struck, particularly metal siding made from aluminum.

Metal siding made from steel can rust if its protective coating is scratched.

Stone And Brick Siding

Full stone and brick siding offer a long-lasting and attractive shell for all houses in which they have been installed. However stone and brick siding can be quite expensive and they have to be installed by an experienced mason.

Advantages of stone and brick siding

They are both very durable.

They are both fireproof.

 They don’t need any staining or painting.

 There are a wide variety of colors and textures to choose from.

They will not rot and are impenetrable to insects.

Disadvantages of stone and brick siding

i. They require structural support due to their heavy weight.

They require professional installation.

They are costly

Traditional Stucco And Synthetic Stucco Siding

Stucco is a cement product that is applied to a wire mesh that is then affixed to the sheathing on your house. Synthetic stucco siding is not really stucco siding in the traditional sense but it’s a siding system is made by adding a cement/ polymer topcoat on top of a foam board. The assembly is then affixed to the side of your home. Synthetic stucco siding has to be installed by an experienced installer and you have to inspect it regularly so that you can avoid any moisture related problems.

Advantages of traditional stucco and synthetic stucco siding

Traditional stucco is long lasting and durable.

They require little maintenance.

They are fireproof and insect resistant

iv. They offer good architectural design flexibility.

Disadvantages of traditional stucco and synthetic stucco siding

Traditional stucco has a tendency of cracking as the house contracts and expands.

Some synthetic stucco siding can cause moisture problems on the underlying structure of your house.

They both require experienced and professional installation.

Siding provides both functional and aesthetic purposes and your choice should be a blend of these two features. You do not have to sacrifice durability and functionality for good looks. The good news is that are many types of siding and styles that you can choose from and Destin Custom Builders will help you in making the right choice.

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