That Nip in the Air Means It’s Time to Winterize, Says Cooper Mechanical

Homeowners are feeling a chill.  HVAC firms urge their customers to take action before temperatures drop even further.

HVAC firms have released a list of suggestions for how customers can winterize their homes so they can easily settle into the season. If homeowners undertake a single winterization task this season, it should be tuning up their heating system. HVAC technicians are ready to provide quick, convenient and thorough services ranging from routine inspection to hot water heater repair .

Homeowners who have not already scheduled routine preventative maintenance through HVAC firms should consider a contract, the small expense of which will contribute greatly to long-term savings on fuel and repairs. Additionally, HVAC firms can install extra improvements to any heating system, such as Wi-Fi programmable thermostats, which help homeowners maintain comfortable home temperatures from anywhere with Wi-Fi access.

HVAC firms offers other suggestions for protecting homes against the winter elements and preserving a heating system’s energy efficiency. Homeowners are advised to seal ducts, windows and doorways to prevent the loss of heat–drafts can cause a loss of up to 30% on heating bills. Homeowners should not neglect the impact of exterior winterization, either: Maintaining the condition of shingles, gutters and chimneys will maximize the efficiency of any home heating system.

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